Suddenly might RFK resurface as possible site for Commanders’ stadium?

When Daniel Snyder completes the sale this year of the Washington Commanders, what happens then regarding the need for a new Commanders stadium?

Snyder, you will recall, tried repeatedly in the state of Virginia but simply could generate no support from elected officials in the DMV.

You will also recall the state of Maryland had offered a $400 million package for the current stadium, FedEx Field, to be updated while stridently prohibiting the building of a new stadium.

Snyder then surprised the DMV by searching for how he might best sell off the Commanders. Apparently, Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, reacted by conversing with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser on December 2.

According to Sam Fortier of the Washington Post,

Roger Goodell told D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) that the league supported her efforts to obtain the RFK Stadium site from the federal government because he wanted D.C. to have a seat at the table in the Commanders’ efforts to build a new stadium, according to two people with direct knowledge of the call.

A major obstacle up front would be the spending of millions of dollars for the infrastructure, which would most definitely be required for the work needed at the RFK current site.

Would city officials, once Daniel Snyder is removed from the equation, concede and permit that a new Commanders Stadium would be a good value for the current site?

In previous months, when Snyder was aggressively searching for ways to get a new stadium approved for construction in the DMV,  Mayor Bowser had publicly been adamant about expressing her desire to use the RFK site and surrounding acres for “affordable housing.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire