Success at varied depths: Weekly DNR fishing report (5/29/24)

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) — Anglers fishing across the Peninsula on Lake Superior have had better luck this week, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

In their weekly report, the DNR says anglers have reported good numbers for walleye and salmon have been reported from Ontonagon to Au Train, but not without some experimentation with depth. In the Keweenaw, anglers reported catches ranging from 50 down to 250 feet down under the surface.

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Upper Peninsula

Little Bay de Noc: Walleye anglers reported fair fishing. They found success drifting or trolling crawler harnesses, with some also catching a few on small crank baits. Anglers fished near the Escanaba River, as well as near Black Bottom. Anglers who were fishing for walleye at the head of the bay reported slow fishing. Smallmouth bass anglers reported good fishing, with some bed fishing.

Manistique: Walleye anglers reported slow fishing but managed to catch a few by trolling crank baits or casting jigs. Smallmouth bass anglers reported good fishing. Slow fishing was reported for anglers trolling for salmon and trout.

Ontonagon River: Reports show that walleye were being caught in good numbers, with many anglers having the best luck in the mornings. These fish were caught by those trolling and jigging alike.

Ontonagon/Silver City/Union Bay: Angler reports show that good numbers of coho salmon, brown trout and lake trout were being caught. Many have stated that they were finding these fish at varying depths throughout the water column while trolling.

Black River Harbor: Fishing efforts from the harbor were reported to be average over the past week. Anglers reported catching coho salmon, brown trout and lake trout, all in respectable numbers. They also reported that these fish were being caught in shallow waters while trolling and that the bite was sporadic.

Keweenaw Bay/Huron Bay: Anglers had lots of good days fishing in both Keweenaw and Huron bays in the last week. Anglers had success not only during trolling trips but with jigging trips as well. Jigging anglers caught lake trout and whitefish with both artificial and natural baits. Fish were found in a variety of depths ranging from 50 all the way down to 250 feet of water.

Lake trout were the main catch while jigging and trolling. Chinook and coho salmon were the next most abundant catch, and those were caught while trolling. Mornings seemed to be producing more fish than trips that left later in the day.

Traverse Bay/South Portage Entry Canal: Anglers reported successful fishing trips while both trolling and jigging, with the focus being on salmon. Jigging produced more fish when anglers were using cut bait; however, lake trout were biting on both natural and artificial presentations.

Trolling trips produced mainly lake trout and coho salmon, with plenty of good-sized fish being caught. Some anglers also targeted northern pike in the nearshore water in former weed beds with some luck.

Marquette: The number of lake trout and Chinook salmon continued to increase from boats leaving the lower harbor and trolling from the Chocolay River out to Laughing White Fish Point. The upper harbor saw more anglers on days when the lake was calmer, with good numbers of lake trout caught when jigging or trolling around White Rocks and out toward Granite Island.

Anglers fishing for salmon and brown trout mostly did well in around 40 feet of water from the Chocolay River out to Shot Point. There continued to be a few straggler coho salmon and steelhead caught each week as a bonus for some anglers.

Trolling chartreuse or hot pink crankbaits or green multicolor moonshine glow spoons were still reported to work well for salmon at a little higher trolling speeds. Lake trout were caught while jigging white plugs around the northeast side of White Rocks or trolling between White Rocks and Granite at lower speeds of 1.8 to 2.2 mph in around 120 to 180 feet of water.

Au Train: Anglers found great numbers of Chinook salmon, brown trout and lake trout, with numbers still improving as water temperatures continued to rise. Most fish were reported to be caught in around 40 feet of water along the coast of Scott Falls Honey Hole to 5-Mile Point, or in around 100 feet of water north to northwest of the Au Train Island while trolling toward the Clay Banks. Hot pink and chartreuse crankbaits, spoons or flasher flies were all reported to have worked well.

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