A subway passenger was shamed for his 'sociopathic' behavior on the A train

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A subway passenger was shamed for his 'sociopathic' behavior on the A train. The unusual incident made its way to the public when CNN journalist Pervaiz Shallwani shared a photo from his morning commute on Twitter. “A straphanger in morning A train pulled a bottle of ketchup from his bag and squirted a perimeter on the train car floor,” Shallwani wrote. Shallwani’s photo, which did not show the alleged culprit himself, showed several lines of ketchup spread across the train’s floor. The tweet quickly got the attention of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), who promised to investigate. The MTA tweeted asking for the car number, adding that it was sending a “maintenance team to clean this up ASAP”. The MTA clearly took the situation seriously, as both littering and “seat obstruction” are against the subway’s code of conduct. It’s unclear whether the MTA was able to follow up beyond cleaning, but the passenger’s alleged behavior does violate numerous city rules. “Seat obstruction” is punishable with a $50 fine, while littering — which includes “dumping garbage or liquids” — can result in a $100 fine

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