'It's the style of play I've always liked'

Igor Julio
Igor Julio

Brighton defender Igor Julio says it he's getting more used to Brighton's style of play.

After being an unused substitute in Brighton's first seven Premier League games, the Brazilian has now started their last two matches.

"It's not difficult, but the style needs a lot of attention. It needs a lot of personality," Igor told Sky Sports.

"I had difficulty with my team-mates' movements. From the moment to pass and the right moment to receive the ball.

"But I think that with work and with personality as such, you learn how to play.

"I got into the style of play very quickly, I learned very quickly what needs to be done. Of Course, we have to improve something every day.

"But I feel very good. I feel very comfortable in this style of play and it's the style of play I always liked too.

"So I feel very good. I believe that with time, week after week, day after day, it will get better and better."