Stunning Britney Spears cover highlights 'Voice' top 10 performances

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The top 10 performed on The Voice Monday night, and 16-year-old Addison Agen ended the show with a stunning cover of Britney Spears‘s 2000 hit “Lucky.” But luck had nothing to do with the teenager’s amazing performance. As her coach, Adam Levine, pointed out, it was all talent. “There are a lot of great singers in the competition,” Adam said, “but, I will say, I truly believe you are the best artist in the competition.”

Adam wasn’t the the only coach who was a big fan of Addison’s performance; her former coach Miley Cyrus was also impressed by the teen’s unique Britney cover. Miley told Addison: “But you made it so your own that it, almost, was hard to in a really good way. Because you just got so creative and that’s what I always loved about you when you were on my team.”

If Addison continues to give incredible performances like she did Monday night, she may end up being a teenage superstar just like Britney.

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