Student, teacher injured after basketball game

Mar. 13—THOMASVILLE — Law enforcement in Stokes County is investigating an altercation that injured a Thomasville student and teacher following a basketball game on March 8.

The student and staff member were attending the NCHSAA Men's Basketball Tournament between Thomasville High School and South Stokes High School. Following the game, an altercation occurred with another person outside the gymnasium, according to a Thomasville City Schools statement. The injuries were called minor.

"Both our student and staff member sought medical attention due to their injuries as a result of the assault. While the investigation in Stokes County is still ongoing, we are committed to maintaining open lines of communication with their school and all law enforcement officials as we continue to support our student and employee and their families during this time," the statement said.

Representatives with Stokes County Schools said they are also cooperating with law enforcement.

According to the Stokes County Sheriff's Office, no one has been charged but the case is under investigation.