Student left in tears after accidentally submitting school paper with provocative title

On Oct. 27, TikTok user @hanspoet shared a clip of her roommate Susan breaking down in tears. The user walks into Susan’s room, only to find the girl sitting on the floor and wailing. “What am I supposed to do?” Susan asks. “Can you, like, resubmit something on [the classroom app] Blackboard”. The user then pans the camera over to Susan’s computer screen, which shows the latter’s midterm paper, titled “stupid f***ng paper that has no meaning”. The clip ends with the user trying to stifle her laughter as Susan continues to freak out. “This is not funny,” Susan says. “I’m so sad”. “As a teacher, I would die laughing if any of my students did this,” one person wrote in response. Fortunately, for Susan, everything ended up working out. She apparently wrote an email to her professor, apologizing for the mishap. To her relief, her professor eventually responded and allowed her to resubmit her school paper