A struggling Uber driver couldn't believe his eyes after he shared his story with his pass

An Uber driver in Tennessee couldn’t believe it after his two passengers — one of whom was a popular TikToker — . heard about his struggles and decided to surprise him with a gift. On Jan. 31, 26-year-old Lexy Burke — a self-described “serial tipper” — . posted a clip in which she and another passenger listen to their driver, Awil, speak about his hard luck . When Burke’s friend asks if he sends some of the money he earns home, the driver tells the two that he, in fact, sends it to his family in Somalia. Burke’s friend then turns on his camera’s flash to reveal the surprise the two have for Awil — a $1,000 tip. The driver was reluctant to take the gift, saying he “doesn't deserve that”. Burke explained that the monetary gift is part of a charity she does on TikTok . Awil then thanks her before sharing several words of wisdom. “There is good people everywhere in the world, no matter what type of color, no matter what type of living situation” . “There is someone with a heart who feel for other people”