Street Fighter V goes free on PC for a week to test Capcom Fighters Network upgrade

Capcom has announced Street Fighter V’s Capcom Fighters Network is getting an upgrade and PC players will get to test it first.

Beginning March 28 and running through April 3, Street Fighter V will be free to play on Steam. Players will only have access to online modes during the trial period. The game will include the latest version of Season 2, including the most recent character Kolin.

Street Fighter V goes free for a week on PC
Street Fighter V goes free for a week on PC (Capcom)

The upgraded CFN will feature quite a few improvements to matchmaking and functionality. It will take less time for players to find online matches and load times will be reduced going into Casual and Ranked Matches.

A new live feed on the CFN home menu will display friends’ activities and players will be able to use an interactive timeline to add recent matches to the Replay List, view profiles, manage friends, and adjust timeline settings.

Other features include the return of the “rage quit” penalty icon. Capcom previously instituted the penalty but removed it due to it not working as intended. The icon will be displayed on player profiles with frequent disconnections and matchmaking is expected to match rage quitters with similar opponents.

For those who have been asking for Training Mode settings to save each time you exit the mode, you’re finally getting that wish. Saved settings will carry over with the CFN update.

Lastly, CFN will track “more detailed stats” in the Fighter Profiles. It is not clear what exactly it will track at this time.

Upon the conclusion of the free week on PC, Capcom will assess the test and optimize CFN before releasing the update on PC and PlayStation 4.

It should be noted this is not the upcoming balance patch Capcom revealed last week. That update will roll out in late April, despite the fact Capcom Pro Tour 2017 is already underway. For more on the latest in Street Fighter V, check out our hub.

Michael Martin wonders if this means PC players won’t need the fast-loading mod for SFV. Follow him on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike.