Street Fighter V CPT Online Ranking Events begin July 31

Guile, Street Fighter V
Guile, Street Fighter V

For months now, we’ve wondered how Street Fighter V online tournaments would work for the Capcom Pro Tour. The wait is over, as Capcom has finally announced dates and full details for its Online Ranking Events.

Each region will feature two Online Ranking Events, each of which will be capped at 256 players. The events will function similar to on-site Ranking Events, in which the top 16 players will accrue leaderboard points.

The first CPT North American Online Ranking Event will be hosted by Alex Valle’s Level|Up and will take place July 31 at 10:00 am PT. The winner of the tournament will be flown out to the Regional Finals event taking place in November. Registration opened today and the tournament has already reached its cap of 256 players.

The second NA online tournament will take place October 8. Full dates and times are listed on the official CPT site.

There are a few key rules. Players must have a 5Mbps upload speed at minimum and wired connections. It might also be stating the obvious, but “macros, turbos, or any peripheral” tampering with the game are also prohibited.

In the event there’s a connectivity issue, players with the least amount of games lost will automatically move on in the tournament. In the case of any disputes — something we typically wouldn’t worry about in an on-site tournament — screenshots or game footage will be required and handled on a case-by-case basis.

One thing to note: Alex Valle has confirmed via Twitter that players currently with CPT points will be seeded in the online tournaments and that there will be no regional seeding.

You can catch the action on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel, which will be streaming top 16 through the finals.

Michael Martin will be coming out of his CPT retirement to play in the first online event. Follow him @Bizarro_Mike on Twitter.