All the streaming services you'll need to watch the upcoming NFL season — and how much it'll cost

 NFL logo on TV .
NFL logo on TV .

The NFL has discovered streaming, which means that if you want to catch as many football games as possible, you’re going to need to sign up for multiple streaming services, in addition to NFL Sunday Ticket. For the upcoming season, there will be NFL games on three different streaming platforms — Peacock, Prime Video, and, for the first time, Netflix. (That’s not including the games that will be shown on ESPN, but I included those matchups here, too.)

Of course, these streaming services offer more than just football, but if you need to get your fix of your favorite team, here’s a quick guide to the streaming service — or services — you’ll need to subscribe to each month to watch the games.



September 6: Green Bay vs. Philadelphia (game in Brazil)


September 9: New York Jets vs. San Francisco
September 16: Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
Sept. 23: Jacksonville vs. Buffalo
Sept. 30: Tennessee vs. Miami

Prime Video:

Sept. 12: Buffalo vs. Miami
Sept. 19: New England vs. New York Jets
Sept. 26: Dallas vs. New York Giants



Oct. 7: New Orleans vs. Kansas City
Oct. 14: Buffalo vs. New York Jets
Oct. 21: Baltimore vs. Tampa Bay
Oct. 21: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Arizona
Oct. 28: New York Giants vs. Pittsburgh

Prime Video:

Oct. 3: Tampa vs. Atlanta
Oct. 10: San Francisco vs. Seattle
Oct. 17: Denver vs. New Orleans
Oct. 24: Minnesota vs. LA Rams
Oct. 31: Houston vs. NY Jets



Nov. 4: Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City
Nov. 11: Miami vs. LA Rams
Nov. 18: Houston vs. Dallas
Nov. 2: Baltimore vs LA Chargers

Prime Video:

Nov. 7: Cincinnati vs. Baltimore
Nov. 14: Washington vs Philadelphia
Nov. 21: Pittsburgh vs Cleveland
Nov. 29: Las Vegas vs. Kansas City



Dec. 2: Cleveland vs Denver
Dec. 16: Atlanta vs. Las Vegas
Dec. 23: New Orleans vs. Green Bay
Dec. 30: Detroit vs. San Francisco

Prime Video:

Dec. 5: Green Bay vs. Detroit
Dec. 12: LA Rams vs. San Francisco
Dec. 19: Cleveland vs. Cincinnati
Dec. 26: Seattle vs. Chicago


Dec. 25: Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh
Dec. 25: Baltimore vs. Houston

How much it'll cost

For starters, you’ll need to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket, which costs $350, as well as YouTube TV, which starts at $73 per month. Fortunately, that also gets you the ESPN games, too.
NFL Sunday Ticket: $350
YouTube TV: $292 ($73/month)

Next, you’ll need Peacock, but fortunately only for one month. Its cheapest plan is $5.99/month.
Peacock: $5.99

To watch the Thursday Night Football games, you’ll need a subscription to Prime Video, which you get with an Amazon Prime membership. It’s $15/month or $139/year; if you want to sign up for just the football season, that will run you $60. Unlike in years past, there appear to be some pretty good Thursday Night games in the schedule.
Prime Video: $60 ($15/month)

If you want to watch the NFL games on Christmas Day, you’ll need to subscribe to Netflix; its cheapest plan is $6.99 per month.
Netflix: $6.99

TOTAL: All told, that’s $714.98 to watch the entire NFL regular season.


However, there might be a few ways to trim a few bucks off this tab. For starters, if you’re only interested in your local team, then you can get one of the best TV antennas for no more than $40 and watch all of your team’s games over-the-air.

If you want to watch Monday Night Football games, you could sign up for ESPN+ for $10.99/month, which would run your $43.96 for the season.

Comcast subscribers can sign up for a streaming bundle that includes Netflix, Apple TV, and Peacock for $15 per month.

Verizon customers with an unlimited plan have two options: A bundle that includes Disney+ Premium, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $10/month, which would get you all the Monday Night Football games without having to pay for YouTube TV or some other streaming service that offers cable channels. (Of course, you'll still need YouTube TV is you want Sunday Ticket).

Additionally, Verizon also offers a Netflix and Max bundle that’s also $10/month.It doesn't save you anything on a Netflix subscription per se, but you're getting Max — one of the best streaming services — for cheap.

T-Mobile customers with a Go5G plan can get Netflix for free, so you can trim $6.99 off the total price.