This stranger donated a kidney to a Broadway dancer, now he needs another transplant

Just as he was hitting a stride in his career, Broadway dancer Jamal Shuriah was given a devastating diagnosis: He had a rare kidney disease and would need a life-saving transplant.

Shuriah eventually received a match, a stranger named Kim Constantinesco, and was able to undergo transplant surgery on Dec. 16, 2020. While he says the surgery was initially a “great success,” he became seriously ill days later. “I was in so much pain. I've never been in that much pain in my life,” he says. Shuriah had developed an intestinal infection from the surgery. Doctors performed several surgeries on him, but Shuriah’s new kidney clotted and died.

Constantinesco says that curiosity got the best of her following the surgery, and she looked Shuriah up online to see how his recovery was going. That's when she learned that the kidney transplant had failed. "My heart broke for Jamal," she says.

After connecting with Shuriah, Constantinesco is trying to help get the word out about his need for a new kidney donor. Shuriah's community started a website and instagram called FindJamalaKidney.