Strange text message from unknown number turns into wholesome dog playdate

Sometimes it pays to talk to strangers — especially when there are dogs involved. Recently, TikTok user @scoootty24 uploaded a video explaining how a text exchange between his mom and an unknown number turned into a dog sitting opportunity. Around 8 p.m. one night, @scoootty24’s mom got a text from an unknown number asking if she could watch a dog named Bear from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Naturally, she was confused, and told the stranger that she had the wrong number. “Maybe I do have the wrong number…” the stranger said. “Omg. I’m such an idiot”. At this point, @scoootty24’s mom’s interest was piqued, though. “We love goldens!” she told the mysterious number. “Bring him over!”. And that’s just what the stranger did. Thanks to “the best wrong number text ever,” as @scoootty24 described it, he and his family got to hang out with a sweet Golden Retriever for the holidays