Strange Terry Bradshaw-Mike Tomlin beef continues

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Terry Bradshaw and Mike Tomlin don’t particularly like each other. What we really don’t have a handle on is why the two Pittsburgh Steelers legends are beefing.

Somewhat randomly, late last year Bradshaw ripped Tomlin, who has a .659 winning percentage as Steelers coach and led Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl title. Bradshaw called Tomlin a “a great cheerleader guy” and said “I don’t think he’s a great coach at all.” Tomlin shot back, which Bradshaw didn’t like.

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And it seemed like this kerfuffle was all done, until it came up again on CBS Radio’s “Tiki and Tierney” show Monday.

Terry Bradshaw started a feud with Mike Tomlin when he called the Steelers coach a “cheerleader.” (AP)
Terry Bradshaw started a feud with Mike Tomlin when he called the Steelers coach a “cheerleader.” (AP)

“I give him no thought. I give him no thought,” Bradshaw said. “I do not see him on the sideline and think cheerleader. I see him as the head coach and I give him no thought. He does not cross my mind at all. I have absolutely no opinion of him … I probably shouldn’t have said cheerleader, but I did, so I stand by it… but If he doesn’t like me, I couldn’t care less.”

And there doesn’t seem to be too much regret over the cheerleader line that started all this.

“If he called me, would I apologize? No, I’m not gonna apologize. I said it, didn’t I?” Bradshaw, a four-time Super Bowl champion with Pittsburgh, told “Tiki and Tierney.”

“I’m not gonna apologize. For what? Calling him a cheerleader?”

Bradshaw’s job as an analyst on Fox’s studio show is to give honest opinions, so it’s good that he doesn’t take it easy on the Steelers. Still, it’s strange that this rivalry has developed, especially since there doesn’t seem to be anything that led to it before Bradshaw took a shot at Tomlin.

Maybe if the Steelers make a Super Bowl this season, Bradshaw and Tomlin can meet up there and make up. Or not.

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