This story about Joe Bugel and Russ Grimm getting into it on the sidelines is spectacular

Peter Hailey
NBC Sports Washington

Sometimes in life, your boss or your coach pushes one too many buttons and you simply.can' 

That's a feeling Hall of Famer Russ Grimm once felt during a contest when playing under Joe Bugel. And fortunately, Joe Jacoby saw it all, which allowed him to retell the story on the latest Redskins Talk podcast during an episode devoted to Bugel's life and legacy.

As Jacoby explained, Bugel was fiery. He also used a lot of foul language. Sometimes, when those qualities combined, his offensive linemen would consider going after him.

"You can speak to each one of the guys, there was probably some time in their career they just wanted to take a shot at him," Jacoby said. "That's how he would irritate you so much, because of how he'd coach."


While things never quite reached that level, Grimm was once on the verge of totally losing it. Allow Jacoby to take it from there.

The closest had to have been Russ, because it was during a game. There was a sack or something, and he is just chewing Russ out on the bench. And Russ is sitting there listening to him, and finally, Russ had enough, got up, cussed him out and shoved his helmet into his stomach and said, 'If you think you can [expletive] do any better, then you get out there.'


How great is that?

The pair eventually cooled down after that tense exchange, and fortunately/unfortunately, Bugel never took up Grimm on his offer to go try his own hand at blocking.

Now, as funny as that story is, Jacoby believes it also hints at why Bugel's groups were always so successful: It's because he pushed them, kept pushing them and pushed them some more after that.

"I look back on it, and he has so much of an influence on how I run my everyday life as far as the things he taught me and as far as the things he said and did," Jacoby told Redskins Talk. "He was a pleasure to be coached by. He's a friend, a mentor and I loved him dearly."

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This story about Joe Bugel and Russ Grimm getting into it on the sidelines is spectacular originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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