Stormy Daniels has something in common Kylie Jenner's baby

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We waited nine long months for Kylie Jenner to confirm she was pregnant, but the 20-year-old reality star only made us wonder for two days on what she named her daughter. Her fans, however, were less than impressed by the choice.

Meet Stormi Webster. The newborn made her Instagram debut thanks to her mega-famous mama. While some people seemed to like the baby’s name, others found the choice odd considering there’s famous figure with the same name.

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Kylie’s baby now shares a name with Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump. Twitter immediately made the connection.

Others just flat out mocked the name, ignoring the porn star revelation. There were plenty of jokes surrounding Kylie’s lit kits, her dog, and even Star Wars.

But, some fans thought the name was sweet.

Well, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Kylie’s pregnancy, it’s that this new mama has no room for judgement. You do you, Kylie.

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