Stop tweeting at the wrong Isiah Thomas. A guide to the Isaiah-Isiah Thomas' on Twitter

Mike DePrisco
NBC Sports Washington

If The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Bulls has shown us one thing, it's the fact that Twitter trolls don't always read before they send something out. 

We probably already knew that to an extent, though the whole tweeting at the wrong Isiah Thomas thing has gotten out of hand.

Thomas, of course, is one of the main villains throughout Michael Jordan's career. He led the "Bad Boys" Pistons, a team Jordan's Bulls had a bitter rivalry with in the late-80s and early-90s. The disdain the two teams and stars had for each other has carried on to this day, so when it was rehashed in a documentary more popular than Tiger King, it was bound to bring out a fair amount of social media criticism. 

The only problem is, the Jordan stans going after Thomas aren't exactly hitting the mark. They keep tweeting at the wrong Thomas. 


It started with former Wizards guard and two-time All-Star Isaiah Thomas. While he is named after the original Thomas thanks to a bet his dad lost in 1989, he was only two years old when the Bulls and Pistons rivalry was at its peak. 

If you thought it would stop there, you'd be wrong. A week after the documentary featured the heated rivalry, the issues surrounding Thomas' exclusion from "The Dream Team" was brought up. 

Many thought it was Jordan's request to leave Thomas off the team, though it became apparent that despite Thomas' talent, several players on the 1992 Olympic team didn't want to play with him. 

So that led to Twitter chirping toward yet another unrelated Isaiah Thomas. This time, Oklahoma defensive end Isaiah Thomas. Yes, a football player. 

The Isiah Thomas you want to yell at actually has a Twitter account. It's @IsiahThomas, and yes the spelling is different, but his profile picture is of him with the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

It's unclear whether Thomas will be featured again over the final four episodes of The Last Dance, but if he does and you feel compelled to tweet at him, just refer to the handle above. Not Isaiah Thomas the NBA star, not Isaiah Thomas the football player and definitely not Isaiah Thomas the city council member in Philadelphia. 

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Stop tweeting at the wrong Isiah Thomas. A guide to the Isaiah-Isiah Thomas' on Twitter originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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