Still shady: Debra Messing said she'd rather be in an elevator with Trump than Susan Sarandon

On "Watch What Happens Live" Debra Messing was asked by a caller if she'd rather be in an elevator with Susan Sarandon or Donald Trump? After hesitating, she said Trump, explaining that maybe she could change his mind on some of his policies. The two actresses have sparred over politics since 2016 when Sarandon said she might not vote for Hillary Clinton if Bernie Sanders lost the nomination. That led Messing to tweet “Susan Sarandon muses that Trump presidency would be better for country than hilary. Wonder if she’d say that if she were poor, gay, muslim, or immigrant. [sic]” More recently, in September, "Variety" tweeted out an interview with Sarandon where she said Trump energized women and people of color to run for office. Messing replied with a now-iconic tweet, writing: “shut the f*** up Susan.” So yeah. Kinda makes sense why she wouldn’t want to ride an elevator with her, right?