Still not 100 percent? Colts pull Andrew Luck off field for Hail Mary

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Is Andrew Luck still not 100 percent?

That definitely seems like the case, after what we saw at the end of the Indianapolis Colts’ game in Philadelphia.

Luck out, Brissett in

Down 20-16 to the Eagles with enough time for one last play, the Colts pulled Luck and put Jacoby Brissett in the game at quarterback to throw the last-gasp Hail Mary.

The Colts were at their own 46 for the play, meaning there was about 55 yards to get to the end zone.

Backup Jacoby Brissett, not Andrew Luck, threw the game-ending Hail Mary for the Colts. (AP)
Backup Jacoby Brissett, not Andrew Luck, threw the game-ending Hail Mary for the Colts. (AP)

Brissett certainly has a strong arm and is experienced – he started 15 games for Indianapolis last season – but it was curious to see the Colts’ coaching staff make the decision to put Brissett on the field in the situation they did.

Brissett actually overthrew a bit, and his attempt went to the back of the end zone.

Luck’s longest pass play of the season is 29 yards, which came Sunday on a completion to T.Y. Hilton.

Reich affirms distance was concern

After the game, Colts coach Frank Reich affirmed that the distance needed on the throw was why Brissett was in for Luck.

“He can throw it a mile,” Reich said. “We knew Jacoby had the arm to throw it into the end zone.”

Had Indy been 10-to-15 yards closer, Reich said, Luck would have stayed in the game. But it was “all about getting the ball into the end zone.”

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