Steve Tisch hopes league office will update ownership on the failed Colin Kaepernick workout

Mike Florio

The NFL will conduct its December ownership meeting next week. One owner has expressed a preference as to one of the agenda items.

I hope there’s a briefing on that,” Giants co-owner Steve Tisch said regarding last month’s failed Colin Kaepernick workout, via Daniel Kaplan of “I think it would be great for full ownership to get a sense of what happened down there.”

Tisch didn’t mince words on the sessions that was set for the Falcons’ practice facility, but that was scrapped after Kaepernick refused to proceed there. He conducted a workout at a separate location.

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“I just felt, you know, what happened in Atlanta was unfortunate,” Tisch said. “It didn’t seem to be very well organized. And I just — I don’t know how it all sort of fell apart.”

Tisch seemed to place blame on Kaepernick.

“Certain things, you know, no good deed goes unpunished and this may fall under that category,” Tisch said.

Next week’s briefing, if there is one, also may fall under that category, depending on how the owners react to it.

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