Steve Spurrier on Texas moving to SEC: Longhorns 'can't win the Big 12 anyway'

The Head Ball Coach still has some jokes.

Retired college football coach Steve Spurrier, who coached 23 of his 26 seasons in the SEC, poked fun at the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma for their decisions to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC.

"I can understand Texas jumping over," Spurrier said, according to the Orlando Sentinel. "They get to play Texas A&M again. They get to … they can’t win the Big 12 anyway.

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"I think they’re only won two in the last 30 years or so. What is it?"

The Longhorns have recently struggled to stay among the top teams in college football. Texas last won the conference in 2009 after previously winning it in 2005 and 1996. The Longhorns are on their third head coach since coach Mack Brown resigned in 2013.

Steve Spurrier spent 23 of his 26 seasons as a college football head coach in the SEC.
Steve Spurrier spent 23 of his 26 seasons as a college football head coach in the SEC.

Oklahoma, on the other hand, has won the Big 12 the last six seasons.

"I’m sort of surprised Oklahoma," Spurrier said, according to the Sentinel. "I just don’t think they’re going to come over to the SEC and win with any regularity the way that they win the Big 12. Their fans might say, ‘Yeah, now we can beat Alabama and LSU and all these dudes.’ It may not happen like that.


"I don’t know. It’s obviously more money."

On Tuesday, Texas and Oklahoma formally applied to join the SEC after announcing their intent to withdraw from the Big 12.

It is widely expected that both schools would be able to leave for the SEC in advance of that 2025 date, though not without coming to a buyout agreement with the Big 12.

"I feel sorry for the other schools, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, all those guys, because they obviously need those two schools there," Spurrier said of Texas and Oklahoma. "It (the move to the SEC) looks like it’s going to happen. Maybe it will work out for the best."

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