Steve Smith slams Josh Rosen, doesn't realize he has zero shot at winning Cardinals job

When a team with a rookie head coach dubbed as a quarterback whisperer drafts a quarterback with the No. 1 pick, there is no ensuing quarterback competition.

This seems clear to most people paying attention to the NFL.

The Arizona Cardinals did not draft Kyler Murray to be anything but their starting quarterback.

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Steve Smith missed that memo.

Steve Smith yells at TV camera about Josh Rosen

The former All-Pro wide receiver and current NFL Network analyst laid into Josh Rosen on Friday, criticizing the soon-to-be former Cardinals quarterback as if he had a future in Arizona.

He was fired up.

First he lost his job. Now Josh Rosen's getting yelled at by Steve Smith for no good reason. (AP)
First he lost his job. Now Josh Rosen's getting yelled at by Steve Smith for no good reason. (AP)

‘It ain’t your damn ball to take’

“Now you’re mad because they brought some competition in here,” Smith yelled at nobody in particular about Rosen. “So you’re gonna try to take your ball. Well first of all, son, it ain’t your damn ball to take anyway.”

OK, Steve. Go on.

“You just keep playing on your phone, and you keep showing us what the stigma of you and who you were at UCLA. Now you’ve brought it to the professional level and showed us when things don’t go your way, you’re gonna cry in the corner. But guess what, they’re gonna ship your ass home somewhere else, and you can go cry and be their problem.”

Rosen was reportedly aloof at UCLA

Smith here is latching on to a personal trope about Rosen, who was tagged with the “aloof” label while playing at UCLA. The “crying in the corner” in this instance appears to be Rosen unfollowing the Cardinals on social media after they drafted Murray — a move that came after multiple assurances from the team that “Josh is our guy.”

As if Rosen is supposed to embrace a social media account touting #KardsGotKyler.

‘Free ass-whooping’

Smith then went on to rant about an absurd notion that there would be some semblance of a quarterback competition between Rosen and Murray while attacking Rosen’s character for not embracing said fictional competition.

“Listen. This is a man’s game,” Smith said. “Be a man and go against that man one-on-one. He gets 10 plays. You get 10 plays. Do your deal.

“Ain’t nobody giving you nothing. The only thing you can get on this stage right now is a free ass-whooping. Everything else you gotta work hard for.”

Thanks, 3-day draft

When broached with the unimpeachable reality that Rosen doesn’t have a fair shake at the Cardinals job, Smith said he understood that. Then he spent another minute or so demonstrating that, no, he doesn’t understand.

The primary lesson learned here has nothing to do with Rosen or Murray.

It’s that this is what happens when hours upon hours upon hours of air time need to be filled around the bloated three-day saga that is the NFL draft.

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