Steve Sarkisian raves about Texas’ depth ahead of 2023

When Steve Sarkisian first took the head coaching job at Texas the roster lacked depth at just about every position.

While the Longhorns obviously had enough bodies to field a team, they didn’t have talent littered throughout the roster like they do now. Sarkisian recently discussed Texas’ final scrimmage ahead of their Week 1 game against Rice as documented by On3, and walked away from the scrimmage very pleased at how deep this team is.

“We played Saturday, in the first portion of that scrimmage with ones versus twos, twos versus ones,” Sarkisian said Monday. “It’s kind of hard to tell the difference.”

He continued explaining how in years past injuries were detrimental to the team because they didn’t have adequate replacements waiting in the wings. That has changed dramatically thanks to the talented recruiting classes Sarkisian and his staff have brought in.

“That’s the key to this whole thing, you can rotate players,” Sarkisian said. “If a player gets injured, the guy that goes into replace him is more than qualified to do the job, and that his teammate can count on him that he’s going to do it right. I think it goes beyond talent.”

Texas returns one of the most experienced teams in the country, and has a slew of youngsters waiting in the wings ready to take advantage of any chance they get.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire