Steve Nash is handed a beer on a Los Angeles freeway by some giddy Lakers fans (VIDEO)

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To most of us, Steve Nash's first appearance in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform was pretty jarring. But to the fine Angelinos that have gone a miserable 24.5 months without a Lakers championship, his presence brings a needed salve.

And as such, For Their Conquering Hero, Angelinos must bring Steve Nash the finest ale in the land. Or, failing that, the finest ale they have on hand. Even if it is a Keystone Light.

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What's up with all this? Watch a group of young Lakers fans give Nash a can of beer as his hired cab strolls down the highway, as filmed by Nash on his phone (something I didn't think I'd be writing when Nash was drafted back in 1996) and posted to his Twitter account soon after:

Save for, perhaps, a better brand of beer this couldn't have gone any better. An otherwise distracted young driver wielding a SUV with possibly intoxicated (there's beer in the truck!) friends hanging out of the windows, easing over to the driver of a cab to give a beer attached to the hand of a franchise savior making eight figures a year? Yeah, we're lucky it went down like this.

Deadspin has a clip taken from inside the SUV (it is, with all things Gawker-y, unable to be shared on other sites), all full of open containers and no seatbelts. Cool video, bro; but come on, guys.

No word on Steve's eventual bitter beer face, though you can follow his Twitter account for more updates.

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