Steve Kerr tweets, then deletes comment critiquing James Harden, NBA officials

Warriors coach Steve Kerr deleted his response to the NBA on Thursday night. (AP)
Warriors coach Steve Kerr deleted his response to the NBA on Thursday night. (AP)

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr tweeted and then deleted a comment critical of both Houston Rockets star James Harden and the league’s referees in response to the NBA on Thursday night.

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Here’s the original video the NBA posted of a step-back Harden 3-pointer late in Houston’s 102-91 victory against the San Antonio Spurs — a win that kept the Rockets within 2.5 games of the Warriors:

And here’s how Kerr responded:

“It’s an embarrassment,” Kerr wrote. “I think the league is so happy with all the scoring that it doesn’t want to enforce stuff like that.”‘

So, did Kerr consider Harden’s move a travel? It’s borderline. Harden seems to still be gathering the ball when he jabs to the right before taking a hop-step to the left and getting his shot off. In real time, it’s a difficult call, certainly not “an embarrassment” compared to some plays that never get whistled for travels. Rather, it’s a reminder at how quick Harden is with his footwork before his finishing move.

Surely, no Warriors ever take advantage of such fine lines of officiating.

Maybe Kerr is sending a message to the refs in hopes they’ll look harder at Harden’s sorcery if and when they meet in the playoffs. Maybe this is a sign Kerr and the Warriors are worried about Houston. And maybe, just maybe, Kerr pulled a Kevin Durant and forgot to send this from his burner account?

Actually, Kerr explained how the tweet unfolded at shootaround on Friday:

“I thought it was a direct message,” he told reporters. “My new iPhone is killing me.”

So, there you have it: Kerr was sliding into the NBA’s DMs to complain about Harden and the officials.

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