Steve Kerr reveals strategy for shaming Warriors on cell phone use

Drew Shiller
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Let's be real -- a lot of us practically are addicted to our cell phones.

They are ubiquitous in society and we rely on them more than ever.

And yes, they are omnipresent in NBA locker rooms.

"It's interesting because you have to decide as a coach in the modern era: 'Am I gonna be the coach that says no phones? Am I gonna be that old-school guy?' It's really unrealistic," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said on his "Flying Coach" podcast. "You got to give them some leeway. So I just try to use some humor with it.

"I know they're gonna be on their phones. I'll just walk in and say something like, 'Hey, fire off your last tweets (because) we gotta meet.' Something just to try to shame them a little bit so that they kind of realize, 'Oh yeah. It's gametime.'

"But I'm not gonna be the coach to establish the 'no cell phone rule' two hours before the game because I don't think that would work these days."

Can you imagine if Steph Curry no longer was allowed to tweet "Lock in!" about 30 to 45 minutes before each game?


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All kidding aside, Kerr's comments came in response to something LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers -- who was a guest on the podcast -- said about today's players.

"Now, when you come into halftime (the locker room), you see guys on their cell phones looking at stats -- because I don't allow stat sheets in the locker room," Rivers explained. "So they're looking at stats or they're talking to agents or their wives. It's amazing. The outside world now can get to your players during the game or before the game.

"When I walked into the locker room as a player, I didn't hear from anyone on the outside ... now, when you walk in the locker room -- up until 35 (minutes) is on the clock -- the majority of guys at some point are going to pick up their cell phones. I always tell my coaches: 'Whatever news they're getting is not in our favor (laughter).' 

"I think sarcasm is very important in our job -- or if we can be funny. I always say, 'Tell her I say hi.' I say all kinds of stuff just to get the message across. Right when you say that, everyone laughs and they put their phones up. The message is sent."

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Kerr and Rivers -- two of the best coaches in the NBA and two guys with great senses of humor.

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