Steve Kerr reacts to Jordan Poole getting called for three carry violations vs. Heat

During the Golden State Warriors’ road loss on Tuesday night to the Miami Heat, turnovers were a problem for the defending champions. The Warriors turned the ball over 20 times, resulting in 28 points off turnovers for the Heat in their 116-109 win in South beach on Tuesday. 

Jordan Poole was responsible for five turnovers, with three of them coming via carry violations. During three separate occasions, Poole was called for discontinued dribbles against the Heat. 

Via @anthonyVslater on Twitter:

After Golden State’s loss on Tuesday, Steve Kerr was asked about the game’s emphasis on carry violations. Kerr mentioned there was an email about the rule on Tuesday but didn’t check it because it was a game day. Kerr admitted Poole commits carries, but the whole league also does it. 

I guess there was an email that went out today and honestly, I didn’t check my email. Like, we got a game today. I’m not looking at emails. I was shocked because, basically, the whole league does that. They’ve been doing it ever since Allen Iverson convinced the referees it wasn’t a carry. It is a carry. What Jordan does is a carry, but the whole league’s been doing that. So I guess I got to start checking my email on game days.

Poole finished the contest with nine points on 3-of-10 shooting from the field with a 3-pointer, two assists and two rebounds in 29 minutes against the Heat on Tuesday. 

Poole and the Warriors will be back on the floor on Thursday against the Orlando Magic at 4 p.m. PT.

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