Steve Kerr on Stephen Curry injury: 'It’s probably good we have a few days off'

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Stephen Curry practiced with his Golden State Warriors teammates Thursday, good news after he suffered a dislocated middle finger on his left hand during Tuesday’s Game 2 win over the Houston Rockets.

Reports out of Oakland are that Curry shot well and looked fine while practicing with tape around the injured finger.

But it sounds like he’s dealing with some lingering effects.

Curry still dealing with pain

The Warriors are on their second of three days off before Saturday’s Game 3. According to head coach Steve Kerr, Curry welcomes the time to manage his pain.

“It’s probably good we have a few days off,” Kerr told reporters. “So hopefully the pain will continue to go down as we get closer to game time.”

Curry practiced without restrictions and didn’t show any lingering affects when he returned to Tuesday’s game with his finger taped, so it sounds like he’ll be in good shape for Saturday.

Stephen Curry is still dealing with pain, but practiced without restrictions Thursday. (AP)
Stephen Curry is still dealing with pain, but practiced without restrictions Thursday. (AP)

Thompson confident Curry will be fine

Teammate and fellow sharpshooter Klay Thompson told reporters he was confident in Curry.

“It’s not that fun,” Thompson said. “But I know Steph. He’ll get it back. Dislocated finger, it sucks. But luckily, you can pop it right back in place and it’s not the end of the world. It’s not torn ligaments or anything. So he’ll toughen it out.”

Curry wasn’t the only former MVP to survive an injury scare in Game 2. Rockets guard James Harden suffered a lacerated eyelid after Draymond Green inadvertently scraped him across the face while battling for a rebound. He would return to the game later with bloodshot eyes.

After Harden had an eye exam, the Rockets are confident his vision will be fine for Game 3.

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