Steve Kerr on Steph Curry's usage: 'We could turn him into James Harden ... but that's hard to do'

Chris Cwik

The Golden State Warriors have gotten out to a tough start this season. The team lost its first two games, proving that while Stephen Curry is great, it’s tough for him to do it alone.

But it might not hurt to try. Some have questioned whether the Warriors should make a better effort to put the ball in Curry’s hands and let him take over games. When asked about that idea, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said it’s not that easy.

As Kerr explained, you can’t put Curry in a James Harden role immediately. Teams have to be built to sustain that style, according to Kerr. On top of that, Kerr questioned whether Curry would hold up under that usage. Harden has 30 pounds and 2 inches on Curry, according to Basketball Reference.

While Kerr seemed to shoot down that idea, he did admit the Warriors are working on ways to utilize Curry now that he has a much different supporting cast.

In his full answer to the question, Kerr talked about all the ways the Warriors are working to get Curry more involved on offense. He called it a “challenge.” Curry has scored 23 points in each of the team’s first two games of the season.

Despite the slow start, the Warriors aren’t going to be terrible all season. Given how successful both Curry and Kerr have been throughout their careers, the pair can probably figure out a way to right the ship before things spiral out of control.

Getting Curry the ball more without overworking him will be the key. It’s up to Curry and Kerr to figure out that balance.


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