Steve Kerr discusses Kevon Looney’s impact

Kevon Looney continues to impress for the Golden State Warriors. The veteran big man plays bigger than his size and provides his team with high-level value on the glass and as a secondary scorer around the rim. On Sunday, Oct. 29, Looney displayed his rebounding skills as he pulled down 11 boards against the Houston Rockets.

During his post-game press conference, head coach Steve Kerr discussed Looney’s performance and overall value to Golden State’s roster. He also noted how he’s never surprised when Looney pulls a big performance out of nowhere while also praising the type of control Looney brings to the game.

“He hasn’t always had that,” Kerr said, “He’s had to work for that. But, over the last few years, he’s gotten really good in the short-roll. Catching and either finishing or moving it to the weak side. He never turns it over. He’s always under control. His feet are always under control. And he’s got good hands.”

Looney has developed into an important member of the Warriors rotation. Despite being slightly undersized for his position, the veteran center has been a reliable source of physicality and poise.

The short-roll has become a popular offensive action around the NBA. Looney’s ability to initiate actions out of the short roll has ensured his lack of size doesn’t hinder his ability to be a legitimate pick-and-roll threat. It also allows him to create opportunities for others before relocating to the dunker spot, where he can use his physicality to fight for rebounds and second-chance points.

He might not be one of the team’s stars, but Looney will have a big role to play in any deep playoff the franchise embarks on this season.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire