Steve Kerr compares Steph Curry, Michael Jordan's leadership styles

Logan Murdock
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The Warriors' recent dynasty has drawn parallels to the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls of the 1990s.

Steve Kerr, who played alongside Jordan in Chicago and now coaches the Stephen Curry with the Warriors, explained how the two superstars are similar.  

"Both players were and are just incredibly hard-working," Kerr said during a digital conference with the University of San Francisco on Tuesday. "So you know when your best player is also the guy who's there first, you know who stays the latest and is constantly working to get better. It kind of sets a tone for the whole organization and that's what Michael was. He worked so incredibly hard."

Kerr -- who signed with the Bulls before the 1993-94 season -- played alongside Jordan for three and a half seasons, winning three titles in Chicago. In 2014, he was named coach of the Warriors, overseeing a roster headlined by Curry, sharpshooter Klay ThompsonDraymond Green and eventually Kevin Durant, who signed in 2016.

In Chicago, Jordan was hard on teammates, routinely calling them out if they didn't match his workout. With Curry, Kerr says he saw a difference in leadership style.  

"This is more in the Tim Duncan mode of sort of a quiet leader, a humble leader, you know, brash on the court, but very, very quiet and respectful and humble with his teammates," Kerr said. "Whereas Michael was a guy who drove us." 

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With a star-laden Warriors roster, Kerr won three championships in five seasons, leading Golden State to the best five-year winning percentage in NBA history. In Chicago, he was a part of a record-setting Bulls roster that won a then-record 72 games. While each team was successful, Kerr says there was a contrast in how the teams were covered.   

"The biggest difference that I recognize then and now is what the players have to go through once they leave the facility," Kerr said. "The media attention was incredible at the facility, at games, but when you go home, that was it. It was over. This was pre-internet or at least pre-social media." 

Nonetheless, Curry and Jordan headlined teams that became a part of America's consciousness. With personalities like Green, Durant, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen, the teams typically drew capacity crowds, particularly on the road, where fans would wait outside the team hotel for hours to get a glimpse of the two rosters.

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"The experience is actually very similar," Kerr said. "Especially when we signed Kevin Durant and we had this array of talent across our starting line up because, between Draymond, Steph, Klay, Kevin, these guys were loved around the country, around the globe." 

"And so everywhere we would go," Kerr added. "There were people waiting outside the hotel and reminded me so much of Chicago, you know, just the anticipation." 

Steve Kerr compares Steph Curry, Michael Jordan's leadership styles originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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