Steve Kerr asks Adam Silver not to fine him after comparing Zion Williamson to LeBron James

Steve Kerr is hoping he won’t get fined by Adam Silver. (AP Photo)
Steve Kerr is hoping he won’t get fined by Adam Silver. (AP Photo)

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr may have talked his way into a fine Wednesday. During his daily media scrum, Kerr spoke glowingly about Duke freshman Zion Williamson before realizing his comments could get him in trouble.

Once Kerr realized that, he jokingly asked NBA commissioner Adam Silver to not fine him. The entire exchange was light-hearted, and Kerr was careful not to mention Williamson by name.

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Kerr starts by saying he “saw some kid on Duke last night who was pretty impressive.” He then mentions that he probably can’t say anything more before acknowledging he’s talking about the guy on Duke who weighs 285 pounds. That’s Williamson’s playing weight. He also compares Williamson to LeBron James, saying he thought LeBron was a one shot deal, but “the next guy is coming.”

Realizing he may have said a little too much, Kerr then says he going to change the subject before he gets fined. At that point, Kerr appeals to Silver by saying, “Adam, please don’t fine me.”

Kerr was cautious here, so it’s possible he’ll avoid a fine. Other teams and executives haven’t been so lucky in the past. The NBA takes tampering seriously.

If anything, Kerr’s comments reinforce just how impressive Williamson looked Tuesday. There’s no way Kerr is the only NBA coach who he is dreaming about Williamson making the leap.

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