Steve Harvey tricks NFL players with strip club question on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

On Sunday night's Celebrity Family Feud, the NFL Players Association elected a team of current NFL All-Stars to face off against a team of Hall of Fame Legends. Host Steve Harvey kicked things off with a rather salacious first question. Steve asked, "What's your fondest memory at a strip club?" Current Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end, Cam Heyward, and Hall of Famer, Aeneas Williams, both hesitated to hit their buzzers, and Steve quickly let them know he was just joking with them.

All the guys got a pretty good laugh from the joke question, and Steve noticed that Williams, who is now a pastor, didn't fall for his strip club trick. "That's not the question. I'm sorry," Steve said while laughing, "but the pastor done had his hand right on the thing. He knew he couldn't answer that one.”

Even though Steve was trying to draw the guys offsides with the joke question, the real question could've drawn some flags, as well. Steve said, "Name Something a supermodel might have that’s thick." And it seemed like Hayward still had his answer ready from that strip club question, as he answered "butt." The pastor also had "butt" on his mind, because later when Steve asked, "Name something that's best when it's really juicy," Williams also answered "butt," which got a good laugh out of Steve. "Come on, pastor. Come on, pastor!"

In the end, the Legends defeated the All-Stars, and raised $25,000 for their Legends’ charity.

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