Steve Harvey throws shade at the Oscars, avoids another mistake at Miss Universe

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Steve Harvey returned to the scene of the crime Sunday night to host the 66th Miss Universe Competition in Las Vegas. In case you somehow forgot, two years ago on that stage one of the most memorable TV moments of all time took place. Steve accidentally announced Miss Colombia as the winner then had to come back onstage to tell everyone he was wrong and that Miss Philippines was, in fact, the winner.

Even though it’s been a couple years since that debacle, it clearly still haunts Steve, who was grateful that another awards show mistake took the spotlight off him. “I’m grateful for the Oscars ’cause it let me off the hook,” Steve said before adding, “Moonlight don’t sound nothing like La la land. Nothing. It wasn’t but two movies to pick from and they got it wrong. My mistake, at least, involved 80 other countries.”

Steve wasn’t the only one bringing up old stuff. This year’s Miss Colombia made sure to remind Steve of his epic fail from 2015. After the host called Miss Colombia up for the Top 16, the contestant asked Steve, “You wanted to see me, right?” When Miss Colombia got called to be in the Top 10 over Miss Philippines, there were plenty of people hoping lightning had struck twice. Twitter lit up with people begging for Steve to announce another error, but he remained mistake-free. Even in the end when Miss Colombia landed in the final two again, Steve made sure to get it right this time, announcing Miss South Africa as the winner.

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