Steve Harvey Rips Le’Veon Bell for Ridiculous Answer on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

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Marshall Faulk and other NFL Hall of Famers faced off against some of the league’s current stars on Celebrity Family Feud. And the biggest hit came from Steve Harvey when Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell fumbled the opening kickoff.

Faulk and Bell were the first ones to represent their teams. Steve asked them, “We asked 100 married men: You’re home alone, the doorbell rings, it’s a naked lady. What do you do?” Bell was the first to hit his buzzer and he answered, “Get her number.” Steve couldn’t believe Bell’s response, saying, “She’s there! Ask her for her phone number? She already naked, she’s at the door, and your ass needs her number! Come on, Le’Veon!”

Bell’s answer came up short of the goal line, and even after Faulk took possession of the question, Steve was still stuck on the last play. The host of the show acted out what it would be like if Bell’s answer came true. Steve said, “Ding-dong. Ah, lookie here,” as he pretended to check out a naked woman, “Yeah, let me have your phone number.”

Steve eventually moved on with the game, and when Faulk got the ball again, he was looking to score. Faulk answered, “Give her a ride.” The former NFL running back, obviously, just meant “give her a ride” as in, home in his car. Although, Steve took it in a more sexual way, saying, “Give her a ride … of her life!”

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