Steve Harvey is predictably thrown off by 'vajayjay' answer on 'This Week in Game Shows'

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On the season finale of Celebrity Family Feud, Kandi Burruss, from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, gave a jaw-dropping response to a ridiculous question. When Steve Harvey posed the question, “Grandpa’s dentures slipped and fell into Grandma’s what?” Burruss quickly answered, “Vajayjay.” Harvey was stunned and admitted he knew that was where Burruss’s mind would go but said, “I didn’t know you would say it, though.”

Also this week, a contestant on The Price Is Right proved that positive thoughts can bring positive results when she danced and chanted “ATV, ATV,” and it garnered her a top prize of, you guessed it, an ATV.

Remember that dancing hot dog Snapchat filter that was trending this summer? Well, one guy from Let’s Make a Deal sure remembers, and he did what no one wanted by bringing the dancing hot dog to life. Um, thanks?

Finally, Steve Harvey had to deal with getting checked out and some terrible pronunciations (“arty hat” or “potty hat”?) by the contestants on Family Feud.

In other entertainment news, a Price Is Right contestant wins huge Plinko prize:

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