Steve Harvey With Weed-Smoking, Gambling Grandma: 'Greatest Moment I've Ever Had on TV'

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On Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots: Forever Young, Harvey was visited by an 83-year old grandmother named Maria, of “Maria’s Italian Kitchen”, who may actually be the coolest grandmother ever.

“I always think I’m 18 years old. I just feel that way. The key to life is to have spice in your life,” says Maria. “And you got to have some sausage or meatballs. A little pot won’t hurt, either.”

When Miss Maria took the stage, Harvey asked her what she does in Palm Springs and, with a chuckle, she responded, “You really want to know? I’m naughty. I go to the casino and I gamble. The penny machines! When I can’t get the right hit that I’m looking for, I keep saying, ‘Mother Fletcher. Mother Fletcher. Mother Fletcher!” It was in that moment that Harvey then proclaimed Miss Maria, “the greatest moment I’ve ever had on TV.”

While Maria was actually on the show to talk about her business, which started in 1975 and has now expanded into nine locations around Los Angeles, Harvey couldn’t help but ask about something a little more fun: her pot-smoking habits. “Oh yeah, it smells like oregano,” said Maria, which prompted Harvey to share one of his past businesses- selling pot. We mean, “oregano”.

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