Steve Cohen on connecting with Mets fans through Twitter: 'I didn’t know I would love talking to them'

Scott Thompson
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Steve Cohen during introductory news conference
Steve Cohen during introductory news conference

Before Mets owner Steve Cohen took questions from the media during his introductory news conference on Tuesday, he was on Twitter answering those from diehard fans.

It’s something no owner, let alone a new one, would normally indulge in. Cohen, though, found joy in tweeting away at the questions fans had for him entering this season as the team’s new owner.

“These are smart fans they know what they’re talking about,” Cohen said via Zoom. “If they’re emotional, that means they care. I’d rather have emotional fans that are passionate than fan that don’t care. So I think it’s phenomenal and I love talking to them. I didn’t know I would love talking to them. I did it and I started enjoying it and so I’m going to keep doing it.

‘There will be times when things aren’t going so well and I’m still going to do it.”

Cohen’s Twitter handle, @StevenACohen2, is now a must-follow for Mets fans who want to hear directly from the man himself in regard to any and everything Mets related. And Cohen has some fun with it, too, adding sarcastic answers to some questions or statements that are wacky. Like when a fan wanted a retractable roof over Citi Field….

Or letting the fans know when the news conference was going to be before the official announcement…

That’s the kind of owner Cohen is and wants to be for these Mets fans. He’s already laid out his vision for the team and stated that he wants a World Series title in the next 3-5 or he’ll be disappointed. And that’s because he doesn’t just want his team to win due to him now owning it.

He’s a diehard fan like the rest of them.

“I grew up on Long Island. I don’t have a big ego. I’m doing it for them. I’m a lowkey guy and I relate to them. I know how they feel,” he said.

Cohen will continue knowing how Mets fan feel through Twitter.