Stephon Marbury lays into Michael Jordan once again, calling him a ‘sellout’

A few days after tweeting that "hardline" Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan "has never been with the real," Stephon Marbury (currently playing in China) continued with the attacks on the NBA legend from half a world away via his preferred brand of social media. By the looks of the picture above, maybe it was because M.J. stiffed him on a hug a decade ago?

Or maybe it's because Marbury, though there isn't any interest in his services from NBA teams, is sticking with his former NBA brethren during this extended lockout.

Jordan, who is said to be leading the charge to not only roll back the NBA's offer of a 50/50 split of basketball-related income with the players in their current negotiations but to possibly vote against any reconciliation with the players should the Players Association take the NBA's current offer, is under harsh criticism for what some see as a hypocritical turn as team owner. Especially considering Jordan's notorious rants against ownership from the other side of the table during the 1998 lockout.

Marbury, as you can probably tell, isn't feeling it:


Stephon can rail against His Airness all he wants in 140 characters or less, but as Eric Freeman expertly pointed out last week, it hardly changes the type of person Jordan has always been and will routinely continue to be.

We can criticize Jordan for his terrible investment in taking on the Bobcats (essentially assuming all the team's debt in the purchase from former owner Bob Johnson) and his poor personnel moves as both the team's general manager and owner. But he's doing exactly what he needs to do to keep his terrible business afloat right now.

And if that distances him from players both current and former? Well, Jordan's never been the cuddliest guy around anyway. Why stop now?

NBA lockout? You can stop now. Go ahead.

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