Stephen A. Smith suggests Mecole Hardman could sue Jets over recent allegations

The Kansas City Chiefs are no strangers to controversy, but the most recent allegations about Super Bowl LVIII hero Mecole Hardman have taken the team’s embroilment to new heights.

Hardman has come under fire by New York Jets players who claimed he may have leaked the team’s game plans to opponents before his exit from The Big Apple.

While these allegations haven’t been proven, Hardman is now under a microscope due to the war of words.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith told his co-hosts on “First Take” this morning that, if the claims are proven to be untrue, Hardman may have grounds to take legal action.

Check out Smith’s take on the matter below:

The drama surrounding these accusations isn’t likely to end soon and may spill over into the spring and summer if Hardman is proven innocent and decides to take action.

Whether this incident ends in a legal battle or not, one thing is clear: The Chiefs have a massive target on their backs and will need to tread lightly to avoid any further offseason excitement in the media.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire