Stephen A. Smith rings up 4 mistakes in a wildly inaccurate Chargers-Chiefs preview

Cassandra NegleyYahoo Sports Contributor

Say it loud enough and … well, it still doesn’t make it true.

Stephen A. Smith quickly went 0-for-4 on ESPN’s “First Take” previewing Thursday night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers.

Stephen A. Smith went back in time to share a mistake filled scouting report for ‘Thursday Night Football.’ (Getty Images)
Stephen A. Smith went back in time to share a mistake filled scouting report for ‘Thursday Night Football.’ (Getty Images)
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Smith wildly misses the mark

Smith gave his take to Max Kellerman and Tedy Bruschi on Thursday morning’s show, pointing out who he was looking forward to watching.

He highlighted Chiefs running back Spencer Ware, Chargers tight end Hunter Henry and Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson.

If that didn’t read right to you, it’s because it definitely was not. And it had his TV mates serving as live fact checkers.

Those faces, though.

Correcting Smith’s scouting report

There’s quite a few things to undo here.

We’re not sure why. Ware was officially ruled doubtful with a foot injury on Thursday afternoon. Kellerman, in some disbelief, reminded Smith of such.

2. “I’m also looking at the San Diego Chargers on offense.”

Maybe we got to the bottom of this: he’s watching game tape from prior seasons. That’s the only way you’re looking at the San Diego Chargers.

3. “And I’m thinking about Hunter Henry and the way that he’s played this year …”

Henry, who we should note is indeed a tight end for the Chargers, has been out all year with a torn right ACL.

4. ” … he’s going up against Derrick Johnson and I have to keep my eyes on that.”

Johnson was certainly a guy to keep an eye on.

From 2005 through 2017. He left the Chiefs in February, signed with the Oakland Raiders, and has since been released.

Twitter appropriately roasts Smith

Smith’s misses were quick to hit Twitter, where obviously no one was going to let him hear the end of it.

Those looks again:

That’s the face of a confused kid in Calculus III.

Smith took to Twitter himself to explain he was multi-tasking.

And the Chargers even got in on the fun Thursday afternoon:

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