Stephen Jackson re-gifted the expensive tablet the NBA gave him to an arena worker

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Terrible, annoying sleeved jerseys weren’t the only things the NBA gifted its players on Christmas. The league apparently also sent out Samsung Galaxy Note tablets to each of its players in celebration of the holiday, a cunning piece of modern technology that retails for hundreds of dollars, something that the typically tech-savvy NBA player would no doubt happily utilize on those endless plane and bus rides.

Los Angeles Clippers swingman Stephen Jackson is back in the NBA after an eight month absence, and when he’s not getting his headband ripped off by San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, he’s going out of his way to mend a reputation that was sullied somewhat when the Spurs found him too irascible to keep around last spring. On Wednesday with his Clippers playing the Golden State Warriors on the road, Jackson apparently re-gifted the tablet to a lucky Oracle Arena employee.

From Jackson’s Instagram page:

You’ll recall that Clippers and Warriors aren’t too fond of each other these days. The Pacific Division rivals butted heads earlier this season, and on Christmas night – when both Draymond Green and Blake Griffin were ejected for separate incidents. The NBA later apologized for ejecting Griffin, but that doesn’t minimize the enmity between the two squads in the slightest.

The re-gifting of some sort of tablet-computer-thingy isn’t going to change things, but it is a nice gesture from Jackson, who played with the Warriors from 2006 to 2009. And in a season full of moving things on that you don’t really need (anyone want to trade for my brand new Santa Claus-themed cookie tray?), this sort of transaction is about as good as it gets.

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