Stephen Fry spotted on the set of the new 'Doctor Who' series

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Stephen Fry (Credit: Danny Martindale/WireImage)
Stephen Fry (Credit: Danny Martindale/WireImage)

Stephen Fry is set to appear as a special guest star on the new series of Doctor Who.

The 61-year-old comedy veteran was reportedly spotted by fans filming scenes in Swansea with the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker.

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A tweet from Twitter user @Bethasaurus95 (via Who fansite Doctor Who TV) claimed that Fry was seen wearing a 1940s style tweed suit, accompanied by a picture of the scene’s set, though sadly now deleted – the show-makers are notoriously hot on keeping things under wraps.

“The remains of the set in Swansea. Looks like a parlour room. Stephen Fry was also in a tweed 40s style suit. Earlier there was a portrait of Victoria in the room too,” read the tweet.

Jodie Whittaker (Credit: BBC)
Jodie Whittaker (Credit: BBC)

Fry has popped up in the Doctor Who universe in the past, as fans of the show will note.

He was set to appear in an episode in director Russell T. Davies’s second series in 2006, with David Tennant’s Doctor, but it was eventually shelved.

Fry also voiced the ‘Minister of Chance’ in the webcast audio drama Death Comes To Time in 2002.

Then in a throwaway gag in the 2015 Christmas special, Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor hinted that Fry was one of Who character River Song’s husbands.

But whatever Fry’s role in the new series, fans will have to wait a while until they see him on screen.

The new series will not air until 2020.

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