Stephen Curry's pre-game two-ball dribbling routine, animated

Well, this is neat: via Cash Sirois, former creative director for the Dallas Mavericks and current radio host on Dallas' 1310 The Ticket, and The Well Creative Productions, here's a very cool animated take on the cool ball-handling warmup routine that 2014-15 NBA Most Valuable Player and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry goes through before every game:

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Here's the live-action version, for your comparison and contrasting needs:

Now, I know what you're thinking: They forgot to draw Steph's torso and arms. Well, maybe the top part of Curry's body did get drawn, but it got knocked out of the frame by like 11 New Orleans Pelicans as they converged on him in the left corner just a split-second too late.

Whether or not my hypothesis is correct, I'd recommend not thinking too hard about this. Let's just enjoy Doodle Steph dribbling, a new flickering little spin on half-man, half-amazing.

Hat-tip to my old boss, Trey Kerby of The Starters.

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