Stephen Curry's mother fines the Warriors star for turnovers

Stephen Curry's mother fines the Warriors star for turnovers
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Just like when your mother wouldn't let you watch television until you completed your homework and washed the dishes, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry's mom has figured out a rather genius way to motivate her son while making her own life a little more enjoyable — by fining her son for turnovers.

In a piece from San Francisco Chronicle columnist Ann Killion, Sonya Curry revealed that she and her soon-to-be All-Star son came to the handshake agreement years ago. Every game he commits more than three turnovers, Steph owes his mom $100 per giveaway. That total also comes down $100 for each turnover under three, and at the end of the season Sonya cashes in, handing him a list of fashion item demands.

Considering Steph is slated to make $10.6 million this season, it's not quite the same as if my mom charged me a Benjamin per typo, but the Warriors star admitted to Killion the fines creep into his mind during games.

“It keeps me on the edge every game,” he said. “I know she’s going to text me or have some witty one-liner about what she’s going to buy with all of my gifts.”

After committing a career-high 294 turnovers in 78 games last season, he owed his mom $6,000 (plus another $500, if they counted the playoffs). This year, in an attempt to meet the ball security demands of new coach Steve Kerr, Curry's 123 turnovers through 39 games has kept his bill is down to just $600. If this has been going on since his rookie season, his mom would be $9,300 richer since 2009.

If James Harden — the NBA's leader in turnovers with 168 in 42 games — had the same agreement with his mother, he would owe Monja Willis a cool $4,200 at the season's midway point. Not a bad shopping spree.

Now, if only Josh Smith's mom would fine him a hundred bucks every time he jacked a 3-pointer.

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