Stephen Curry makes the most of the lockout, heads back to school

If you're guessing that the impetus behind this post has something to do with Ball Don't Lie wishing the brilliant Dan Devine and his new bride good health, good luck, good love, and good ponchos as they vowed themselves into a married couple over the last weekend, then you're absolutely correct. Good on our man Devine, and I know you're with me in hoisting a weak glass of low-acid orange juice (or whatever you have in your cauldron this morning) in the Devines' honor. Cheers, kids.

Stephen Curry, in a terrible but somewhat tangential transition, was married recently as well. To add to that horror (um, I mean, "honor"), Curry has decided to spend the NBA's lockout back at Davidson, where he went to school.

Three weeks removed from his wedding, and two weeks removed from the honeymoon (we're guessing), and the Golden State Warriors guard is working in an area that makes most of us shudder. I can't be the only guy that freaks out a little bit, no matter how many years we're removed from having to attend school, by the "back-to-school!" advertisements that litter the airwaves this time of year. Summer stinks, but the "back-to-school"portion of summer is downright enervating.

Curry, the tough little bugger, seems to be taking to it with aplomb. More power to him.


Curry is arguably making more out of the NBA lockout than any other player. And perhaps no other program is benefiting from the pros' work stoppage like Davidson. That's because Curry is taking advantage of an opportunity and fulfilling a promise at the same time. Upon leaving early from Davidson to enter the NBA Draft in 2009, he swore to his parents and his coach, Bob McKillop, that he would earn his degree as soon as possible.

"He's walking the walk," McKillop said. "Our culture in college athletics is going through a few hits right now, but here's a great story."

The fun read goes on to point out that, even if the lockout ends this week and training camp starts on time in the first week of October, Curry will be ready due to his daily rehab following a needed ankle surgery that he had to take in last May.


Also, our man appears to be visiting Chick-fil-A on a daily basis, and according to CBS Sports' Matt Norlander, the visit is "arguably the most important part of his day." Lucky, lucky guy.

That said, please don't go to the Southern(ish) chicken chain for breakfast, daily. After a while, you'll realize that the wheat bread, good lettuce, solid tomato and grilled chicken sandwich is both the best part of its menu, and the best part of your diet. And this is from a bloated misanthrope who chafes every time the Chick-fil-A kids wish me a nice day before I turn the nasty and anti-Chick-fil-A Steely Dan back up on my stereo and cancel out all their good vibes.

In any direction, Curry seems to be having fun. And why wouldn't he? The Golden State combo guard is still college age, he may not have made a ton of money (with only two seasons on a rookie deal under his belt) in comparisons to his NBA colleagues, but he should have enough to work through this lockout. Best, he has a college scholarship waiting for him whenever he deigns to visit the lecture hall, and he appears to be taking advantage of it.

He also has B.J. Armstrong Syndrome. That is to say, even if he were kicked out of Davidson, his youthful appearance is enough to allow him to slink into any college course without raising a hackle. He can cross you over for 40 in an instant during an NBA showdown, but he also looks like an incoming freshman. An enviable thing, for those of us that lost our acne issues just in time to develop a keg-addled gut.

Still, us fans would trade in all of Curry's happy early fall weekdays in order to see him work nearly nightly on Bay Area-cable starting sometime in late October. I'm sure that sort of selfishness has a big name attached to it, but we didn't hang around college long enough to find out.

In the meantime? Have fun, Stephen.

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