Stephen Curry had to assemble his own basketball hoop at home, it took him five hours

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry wanted to work on his jump shot during quarantine, but there was a problem: He didn’t own a basketball hoop.

Yes, the best shooter in the world didn’t have a hoop at his house. Curry’s wife, Ayesha, ordered a hoop online so that Curry could get some practice in. All he had to do was build his new hoop.

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That process took five hours, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“I got overwhelmed looking at the manual,” Curry said.

After what he could only describe as “a pretty serious effort,” Curry finally succeeded at his unexpected assembly job. It only took him five hours.

“I was very confident in myself going in,” he said. “That was shot down pretty quick.”

That wasn’t the end of this saga, though. Turns out, Curry, 32, didn’t have an outdoor ball. He initially tried an indoor ball, but that only lasted a day and a half. He eventually acquired an outdoor ball and has been able to practice since then.

Compared to what everyone else is going through, Curry’s problems aren’t super important. He admitted as much to the Wall Street Journal, saying athletes staying in shape “are the least of anyone’s worries.”

Curry, however, has done some good while on quarantine. On top of helping his kids with their schoolwork, Curry held a virtual Q&A with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss the coronavirus.

If the NBA season is able to return, Curry wants to make sure he’s ready. After missing time with a hand injury, Curry played in just five games this season. He was able to return from injury Mar. 5, and played in one game before the season was suspended.

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