Stephen Colbert supremely skeptical of Trump's Supreme Court nominee

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On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert admitted he was skeptical of Donald Trump's latest pick for Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. Colbert cited the many conservative legal battles which Kavanaugh has been a part of or weighed in on.

The first thing Colbert tackled was Kavanaugh's belief that a sitting president should not be prosecuted because of their demanding job. Colbert said, "So he thinks the president should be above the law because his job is hard? In that case, I say moms of three or more kids ought to be able to murder at will."

Colbert pointed out how Kavanaugh has been involved in lots of Republican legal battles, from Elian Gonzalez being sent back to Cuba, to the Bush v. Gore lawsuit that taught everyone what a hanging chad is. Colbert said that is probably why Kavanaugh is thought by some to be the "Forest Gump of Republican Politics."

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 on CBS.

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