Stephen Colbert Says Government Agents 'Followed Me Everywhere' During Russia Visit

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Stephen Colbert returned from his recent trip to Russia just in time to host The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. During the show he revealed that he was under surveillance by both Russian and American intelligence agents the entire time he was visiting.

Russian intelligence was very aware of Colbert's visit and the host joked, "[They're] hardcore fans evidently, followed me everywhere."

The host also said that U.S. agents followed him because, "It's important to keep your eye on a comedian while he is in Russia, you know, doing jokes, you know, I could be over there giving state secrets to the Russians." Colbert then made a quip at President Trump's expense saying, "Oh wait, somebody's already got that covered, my apologies."

Colbert went on to discuss the Russian "goons" and "John Wick extras" who followed him through his hotel. He was particularly uncomfortable with the goon who waited outside his hotel room. All the surveillance put Colbert on edge, so he said, "I really want to thank our pharmaceutical industry for helping me sleep at night."

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