Stephen Colbert Hits Donald Trump With His Very Own Barack Obama ‘HOPE’ Poster

Lee Moran
·Reporter, HuffPost
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Stephen Colbert put a Trumpian spin on street artist Shepard Fairey’s iconic 2008 election “HOPE” poster of Barack Obama on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Show.”

The late night comedian noted that both former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump campaigned this week in Pennsylvania, where polls suggest Democratic nominee Joe Biden is ahead by 2 points to 10 points.

“It’s ‘hope and change’ versus ‘grope and strange,’” Colbert joked as images of Fairey’s original and then pictures of Trump reimagined in the same style appeared on screen.

Elsewhere in his monologue, Colbert was unconvinced by the excuse Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave after he was caught on camera for that scene in Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming “Borat” movie.

Check out Colbert’s monologue here:


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